EP.50 | Is a Bare Steel Barbell Right for You?

Are you familiar with bare steel barbells?  The good as well as the bad?  Just like with anything in life or in the gym, there's a give and take to anything.  Many lifters and gym goers that are buying barbells have no idea what they are even buying.  Where should you even start?  

In this week's Bar Tip (and the next few weeks) we will be helping you navigate the waters when it comes to choosing the RIGHT barbell finish for you.  No more guessing, we'll lay it out there for you.  

Enter the Bare Steel Barbell.

The Good

  • The knurling is more aggressive = more grip

  • More raw feel to the barbell's knurling

  • Personal preference on feel 

The Bad

  • Your barbell WILL RUST

  • Signs of patina (little spots) and an ORANGE tint will begin to show

What does this mean for you?

All said and done, it comes down to what's more important to you.  Do you care if your barbell rusts?  Do you like the "feel" that a bare steel barbell gives you?  The best place to start is to try out SEVERAL different types of bars with various finishes and feels.  Only then can you determine what you prefer.  

Another quick note..

If you are one of the people out there that wants to have a barbell that won't rust BUT feel like a bare steel finish, a STAINLESS STEEL finish may be what you are looking for.  Stainless steel is going to offer the BEST protection against oxidation (rust). 

Keep this in mind:

The more humid the environment, the more maintenance will be required.

We offer our Bar Shield Maintenance kit that includes an 8oz bottle of our Non-Toxic, Residue-less formula that will help prevent rust AND restore spin to the sleeves of your barbell(s).  Check out a quick video here.