EP.51 | How a Zinc Coated barbell can make your bar LAST LONGER

Zinc-finished barbells are some of the more popular bars out there that are not going to break the bank, while offering SOME PROTECTION against rust.  That being said, you MUST NOT neglect maintaining your bar.  The finish alone WILL NOT prevent rust from occurring.  

In the video above, we show you both a bright and black zinc barbell.  The one difference aside from the aesthetics is that the black zinc will offer another layer of protection. It's first coated with bright zinc, followed by the black zinc that you see on many of the Rogue 2.0 barbells.  As you can see, the zinc coating has come off where you would position your hands for a clean or deadlift, resulting in a patina look.  When the zinc finish comes off, the door to rust occurring is RAPIDLY OPENED.

So how do you prevent or slow this down? 

It's the simple things such as getting the chalk, skin, etc. out of your bar's knurling with a nylon-bristled brush.  Coupling this with something such as a non-toxic, food-grade lubricant will help condition the bar against rust.  When chalk is left on the bar, sweat and other moisture causes the steel to oxidize (RUST).  


These small CONSISTENT ACTIONS are what SAVES your barbell(s) in the long run. It's UP TO YOU how long you want your bar to last.  One year, five years, 10 years, a lifetime even.  It all comes down to how you well you treat and maintain your barbells.