EP.52 | How to Maintain a Healthy Upper Back with YTW's

Have you fallen victim to an upper back injury?  Maybe your upper back is just "tight" or maybe it never feels fully warmed up and ready to go.  Don't worry you aren't alone!  Whether you are a Crossfitter, Olympic Weightlifter, or regular gym goer, the YTW can be a fantastic accessory exercise to add to your arsenal to keep your upper back and scap HEALTHY.  

Executing the YTW

Ideally you want to this exercise with your chest supported on an incline bench.  If doing standing (like in the video), hinge forward slightly to mimic being on a bench.  Start with LIGHT (2.5-5 lb.) plates.  

Pull back your shoulders, thumbs facing down.  Bring the weights up at a 45 degree angle and squeeze your upper back.

Pull back your shoulders, thumbs facing UP.  Bring the weights up directly at your sides and squeeze.

Pull back you shoulders, elbows up.  Rotate the weights up to where you end by your ear lobes.

**2-3 sets of 10 reps EACH

**Can be done as a warmup or accessory work

By hitting the small stabilizing muscles around the scapula you can help minimize the risk of injury.  If you've been around the weightlifting community for some time you know just how important it is to STAY HEALTHY.  If you aren't taking care of your body you are leaving the door wide open to injury, which inevitably results in you having to take time off to rehab, which in turn takes away VALUABLE training time for you meet, competition, etc.  

Control what you can control!!