EP.61 | Make Gyms CLEAN Again

That face when you see blood on the pull-up bar you're using...

Picture your pull-up bar caked with chalk, tiny pieces of skin and a red smear (aka blood), baking in the heat & humidity of your gym.  Sounds gross right?  Happened to you?


My intention here isn't simply to gross you out, BUT it's an unfortunate reality that we have to deal with.  So what do you do?  Our new multi-purpose cleaning wipe is a great option to rid your gym of the nastiness.  Usable on ALL EQUIPMENT & SURFACES, it's dual-sided (abrasive + soft) and the larger surface area allows you to get MORE CLEAN with LESS WIPES.  Even if you don't use our wipe, make sure to wipe down your equipment!!  

Why do you need to keep your gym clean?

-Gym Appearance: A CLEAN gym will only help your chances of securing a new member
-Current Members: They appreciate it!  Myself included!  There's nothing worse than grabbing a bar or doing a burpee in someone else's SWEAT!
-Not to mention that it's more sanitary to keep a clean gym rather than letting the filth settle in. 

What makes these Cleaning Wipes better?


Not limited to just Barbells! You can use these wipes for ALL equipment in your gym(s)! 


The best of both worlds... abrasive on one side and soft on the other! Tough enough to cut through the gunk, chalk, skin, blood, etc., yet soft enough to give your hands a wipe after a tough workout.

Larger Size & Durability

8x12" is the size of our wipes. Many wipes tear like tissue paper and are far too small. The result? Having to use more wipes. With our larger 8x12" size + having a more durability, you'll be sure to get more done with less. 

No Excess Liquid or Lint

Turn your bottle upside down with the top cap open. Any liquid seep out? Nope. These wipes aren't dripping wet AND they don't leave lint on your equipment.

Do yourself a solid by making your gym clean for you and your members!