EP.65 | Plates hard to get on the barbell?

Plates hard to get on the bar?

This week we address the barbell's sleeves. If you have been in the workout game for awhile, you may have come across a set of plates that don't slide onto the sleeves very well. They get stuck or you have to shimmy the plate back and forth until it finally gives.

Well, the good news is that there's an easy solution to this issue. All you have to do is set your bar up in a rack, apply a thin coating of our Bar Shield formula, and work it in either with a microfiber towel or a nylon brush.

Quick Steps

#1 Place bar horizontally in rack
#2 Apply thin coating of Bar Shield on sleeves
#3 Work in with microfiber towel or nylon brush

Doing this will make loading and unloading the bar a breeze. The only time where you would have an issue is if the diameter of the plate's insert and the barbell's sleeve don't match. However, I've only seen that on the rare occasion with older barbells.

Happy Loading!

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