EP.69 | Using the Standing Preacher Stretch for a Bigger Front Squat & Clean

Having trouble with racking the barbell in the front? Elbows keep falling? Chest dropping in the hole?  As a coach or athlete, how many times have you heard people complain about their wrists hurting while front squatting or cleaning?  Most novices would be quick to point the finger at the wrist, but is this really the problem?

Quick newsflash: not necessarily.  As someone that personally experienced this in my first six months to one year in Crossfit, I invested in wrist wraps almost immediately.  After digging around and talking to more experienced lifters out there, I quickly realized that my wrists weren't the issue.  The problem was my shoulders, lats and triceps being brutally tight and immobile.  Up until that point in my life, I couldn't pinpoint even a single instance of when I stretched or gave some love to these areas.  This resulted in me having to hold the barbell with my shoulders because I literally couldn't get my elbows past my body.

The good news is that this is something that can be improved!  Below is one of the easy ways that you can improve that stubborn front rack mobility using simply a PVC pipe.  This mobility exercise can serve as fantastic prep for front squatting, cleaning or even if you are working on your mobility.

Important Note:
By correctly utilizing the PVC standing preacher curl stretch, you can prep your body to be in the best AND safest positions possible while lifting.

One of our co-founders Blaine is going to take us through this mobility exercise using a PVC pipe on some jerk blocks. He's featuring a narrower grip than he would normally use to clean, and grabbing the PVC the same way he would to clean. Hunt around for those tight, sticky spots in your shoulders, triceps and lats. Hitting this simple mobility exercise for 3 sets of 30 seconds will prepare you much better to front squat and/or clean.

*Blaine is a National Level Weightlifter, qualifying for the USAW Nationals this year

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