EP.7 | I Don't Have Time to Clean 50 Bars


How many of you struggle with finding the time to maintain your gym's equipment?  You may have five, six or more classes going on during the day, you may be short staffed, or you may have to do admin work.  The list goes on and on...  From being involved in CrossFit gyms, speaking to owners, and experimenting, there are a few ways to make this workload manageable.


By adding barbell and gym maintenance to your coach's responsibilities, you can relieve a lot of pressure that rests on your shoulders.  Some smaller gyms may have two or three coaches, while larger gyms have six or more.  By simply dedicating time each week to barbell care, you can ensure that your barbells stay in great condition.  By knocking out five to ten bars each week, it will make the world of difference.


At our local box here in Columbus, OH we take an "as needed" approach.  For example, if I see a barbell that has been caked in chalk, we'll take that bar aside and spend a few minutes removing the chalk, skin, etc. from the knurling, then follow up with our formula to condition the bar.

These bars are easy to spot in your bar holders, so take the few minutes and you'll be surprised on how much longer your bars will last.  If you are having issues with your gym's barbells spinning, this is the easiest of our maintenance.  By putting your bars in a holder or 45 lb. bumper plate vertically, you can put some of our formula down into the sleeve to lubricate the bushings or bearings.