EP.70 | Bar Shield's Formula: Not Your Average Hardware Oil

If you aren't familiar with Bar Shield USA, our flagship product is our barbell maintenance kit. Our kit features a black nylon brush, (3) microfiber towels, instructions and of course our Bar Shield formula. The goal: to help prevent rust and restore/maintain sleeve spin.

To the formula. For starters, it's not a your basic hardware oil that can be found at Lowe's or Home Depot. Over several months of testing and retesting our formula on various types of bars and finishes, we landed on something we were proud of to bring to the community. As a former user of 3:1 oil, there were three main components that we wanted to address: the


On top of being an anti-rust & corrosion formula, our oil is Food-Grade & Biodegradable, Odorless and Leaves next to no residue on your barbell. This gives you a healthy, conditioned barbell that is workout-ready in minutes!

Food Grade & Biodegradable = SAFE to touch regularly
Odorless = No unfortunate smells to fill your nostrils
No Residue = Workout ready in minutes!!

*Each 8oz bottle will last approximately 50-60 barbell services

Do yourself and your barbells a favor and grab yourself a barbell maintenance kit


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