EP.71 | Weightlifting Straps: How, when and which brand to use

Have you ever used weightlifting straps before snatching, cleaning, deadlifting or pulls?  Should you use them?  The questions go on and on...  We'll dive into just how to use them, when to use them and then give you our recommendation on what brand to buy.

How to use

When to use them

Even though this sometimes can be a debated topic, a general rule of thumb is as follows:
Use when: heavy snatch or clean pulls, clean or snatch deadlifts, higher rep or volume on snatches, deadlifts, pulls etc.
Don't use when: Never on cleans (opens the door for injury)

*Make sure to NOT rely on them for all your training sessions.  It is imperative that you still take those heavy attempts without straps to maintain and strengthen your grip.

Which brand?

Personally I prefer the Average Broz Weightlifting straps.  For a couple of reasons...  Check them out here

-1" width = sits on the top part of your hand VERSUS on your wrist (sitting on your wrist can have an effect on your overhead positioning), making it way more comfortable

-11.5" long = no unnecessary slack and easy to bail

-Made with a heavy nylon + machine washable = lasts a super long time

-They are $13!!

If you have any further questions on weightlifting straps, be sure to reach out via email at info@barshieldusa.com or @barshieldusa on Instagram!

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