EP.73 | How to Split Jerk... Cal Strength Style

First things first... if you aren't familiar with California Strength in San Ramon, CA, you should definitely check them out on Instagram (@cal_strength) or YouTube.

We've covered both of the Olympic movements (the snatch and clean & jerk), on Episodes 53 and 39.  This week we will break down the two-part series that is featured on Cal Strength's Youtube channel.

The Cal Strength Way

The starting point for a new athlete is to get them comfortable completing a Military Press.  What does this do?  It helps instill proper bar path (pushing the face back) as well as stabilizing a load overhead.  Next in the progression is the Push Press, which introduces a leg drive into the equation and increasing the bar's velocity.  The third piece will be the Push Jerk.  The Push Jerk has the same components of a Push Press, with the addition of a direction change.  Lastly, we have the Split Jerk.  Check out these two quick videos to clean up or learn how to press/jerk the correct way!

#1 The Military Press

-Assign the grip width... just outside shoulder width
-Bar is resting on the front deltoids
-Bar is situated at the TOP of the palms
-Drive the bar straight up, pushing the head through as arms lock out
-Feet are in a neutral position right under the hips

#2 The Push Press

-Incorporates the dip & drive with the legs
-Increases bar velocity by utilizing triple extension
-Hips are neutral like a bucket of water
-Weight is situated on the heels
-Dip & Drive, driving the bar overhead
-Use the legs are shock-absorbers on the way back down

#3 The Push Jerk

-The legs are going to drive the bar
-The hands are going to drive the body underneath the bar
-The feet come down at the same time the arms achieve lock
-There is no forward lean in the dip
-There is a direction change in this lift, stay connected with the barbell

#4 The Split Jerk

-Foot work: see video above to see which foot to lead with
-Establish an appropriate length and angles (see video above)
-Catching position: front shin angle is approximately 90 degrees, hips are directly center, back heel is off the deck and slightly internally rotated, back leg is about 120 degrees
-Recovering: front foot first, then back foot
-Front AND back foot make contact with the platform at the same time

*Jerk Pop Drill

-Can utilize this to get comfortable receive the bar overhead
-Get into your receiving position
-You are looking to replace the feet to feel the receiving position

In Conclusion...

There are many ways to teach Olympic Weightlifting.  Be a student of the sport, listen to reputable coaches and get after it!

How are your bar's sleeves spinning? 
Get them back on track with a little care and love!