EP.74 | Jerk Blocks: How to set them up CORRECTLY

This week we dive into Jerk Blocks again!  Rather than speaking about the care and maintenance of these expensive training tools, we will be going over how to set them up.  The width and what height you need to complete any shoulder to overhead movement (press, push press, push jerk and split jerk).

Why is the height important?

Having the blocks set at an appropriate height is of vital importance for a few reasons.  First and foremost, when you roll the bar back onto your shoulders you shouldn't have to get into a half squat to get under the bar.  It should be roughly a quarter squat at most.  

Another reason is because of the DIP portion of your pressing movement.  As you bend your knees you have to make sure you have enough clearance so you don't bump into the boxes.  I've personally encountered this and the result is an unbalanced lift and frustration.

Obviously we are all different heights so you may have to take out some of the blocks if you are shorter and vice versa, BUT always make sure to place the reinforcement block on top to prevent any cracking/breaking.

Why is the width important?

The width is arguably even more important than the height.  The reason being here is because of the dropping portion of the lift.  You MUST make sure that you are dropping the bar with blocks that are properly spaced.  The collars should line up in the middle of the boxes on each side.  Doing this will prevent the bar from shooting left or right AND and prevent the shaft of the bar from slamming into the box.  If you don't have the boxes spaced properly and the shaft slams into the box, it may very easily bend your bar.  We don't want that do we!?