EP.76 | Is Your GHD Hard to Adjust?

Have you went over to the row of GHD's in your gym and tried to adjust the foot plate, then two minutes later you are in a tug-of-war match?  If so, you certainly are NOT alone.  I've had my fair share of battles with the GHD sliding forward and back while adjusting.

First things first... the GHD design that I'm referring to here is the one in the video.  This design features a "slide rail" to adjust for the individual's height, then there is the foot plate that is secured by two threaded knobs and a pin.  What's the problem?  Over time, the countless people adjusting the GHD will cause the foot plate to rub against the slide rail.  Most slide rails are going to have some sort of powder coat, so that will start to rub off, exposing the raw steel underneath.

What's this all mean?

It means that the attachment DOES NOT slide forward and back freely while adjusting.  

So what do you do?

Easy.  Grab yourself a bottle of our Bar Shield formula and head over to your GHD.  From here, apply a thin line of the formula on the slide rail and work it in with a nylon brush.  That's it.  Adjusting your GHD has never felt so good!

The Goods to Fix It

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What Equipment Companies Have Done...

Some of the strength & conditioning companies out there have come out with other designs to help solve this issue.  One of the main drawbacks (at least what I've seen thus far) is that they tend to be more expensive.  Just keep this in mind if you are in the market to buy a GHD(s).


Stayed Tuned...
We're going to be continuing on a series of "Other Uses for Bar Shield" in the coming weeks.  Coming soon we have bare steel pull-up bars and the rower!