EP.77 | Are Your Pull-up Bars Gross?

Are pull-ups on the menu today?  You get through the class warmup, then it's time to pick out your favorite "spot" on the pull-up rig.  Your gaze steadily makes its way up to the bar right before you hop up.  This time however is different.  Nestled in the absurd amount of caked up chalk on your favorite bar lies a streak of red.  Oh no.  

This is just one of the plenty of examples of pull-up bars being gross.  It wasn't my intention to necessarily gross you out, but how many of you can relate to this scenario (or something similar)?  I bet you have walked into the gym, checked the workout and saw there was pull-ups, then looked at the rig only to find that over half the bars have an obscene about of chalk on on them.

For this week's #bartiptuesday we are specifically referring to bar steel pull-up bars.  Why?  Because there is no powder-coat or anything else to protect the steel.  This means that the rusting process will occur at a much quicker rate than bars that are powder-coated for example.  

The pull-up bar that you see in the video above is a "Speal" bar from Rogue Fitness.  Don't get me wrong, I love these pull-up bars and even prefer them myself.  The reason why many people prefer these bars are because they are usually more grippy than coated bars.  

So what can you do to maintain a bare steel pull-up bar?

Grab yourself a bottle of our Bar Shield formula and get to work.  All it takes is a few minutes.  Loosen up the chalk, skin, blood, etc. on the pull-up bar first.  Then, apply a thin coating of our formula.  Work it in with the brush.  Wipe it down with a microfiber cloth.  What this is doing is conditioning the bar to help SLOW DOWN the rusting process.  

How often?

There are a few things to consider such as number of users, climate, etc. As a general rule of them aim for at least twice per month in the more humid times of the year.  The dryer months of the year you should be able to get by with once per month.

Our formula is available in TWO options:

Barbell Maintenance Kit
Twin Pack

*To give you an idea... each bottle is 8oz which equates to about 50-60 barbell services at least.  If you are using this only for pull-up bars it will last you a LONG TIME*