EP.8 | Don't Spin Your Bars in the Rack!

Danny Lehr, CEO of Caffeine & Kilos brings you this week's Bar Tip!  Danny digs into why you don't want to spin your bars while they are in a rack.

This is an issue that is extremely common in gyms everywhere.  When the bars are being spun, it is actually damaging the bar's knurling, making it smoother.  So when you go to do cleans, deadlifts, snatches, etc. over time you will notice that the knurling is much smoother.  So much for a grip!

Companies such as Rogue Fitness make a J-cup with a plastic piece that goes on top to help protect the bar, but it definitely does not eliminate this problem.  One thing that Danny suggests in the video above is to use a piece of felt or a t-shirt to put over the J-cup or rack where the bar goes to protect the knurling.

Don't grind those bars in the racks!