EP.80 | Taking Care of Your Rower Chain

Have you ever cared for your rower chain? 

Rower and chain maintenance are often neglected.  Just like with anything in the gym, it's easy to forget to give them the attention they need.  Just how bicycles need a nice clean chain for a smooth ride, a rower is no different.  

What happens:

Over time rower chains begin to accumulate dust, grime and other particulates.  Why is this bad?  Although it may not cause you issues right away, eventually the chain will inevitably start to break down.  Without a well-maintained chain, we open the door to breakdown and potentially breaking all together.  Not to mention that the pulls on the rower are way less smooth (if you have ever been on a older row that hasn't been maintained you know what I mean!)

What you need to do:

Great news, this is a very simple fix. 

Grab your bottle of our Bar Shield formula and a lint-free cloth or rag. 

Apply some of the formula onto the cloth.

Grab the rower handle and pull the chain out as far as you can.  

Gently grab the chain up towards the flywheel and let the chain go through the cloth.  You can also gently rub back and forth.  You definitely do not want to death grip the chain because you don't want any sort of cloth or lint on the chain.  Doing so will cause problems.

That's it!

*Some areas of the chain may require more attention than others

*Gym location: climate-controlled versus exposed to the outdoors.  Many gyms have garage doors open, thus more dust and particulates will get onto the chain easier.

In conclusion...

Line up your rowers 1-2 times per month and go down the line.  It will take you less than 10 minutes to complete!  Super easy to help make your equipment last longer and keep your members happy!

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