EP.82 | Where to Leave Your Rower Handle & Why

Probably never thought about your rower's handle have you?  Yeah me neither.  This week we're going to talk about the proper care, use and storage of a rower's handle.  Seems straightforward, but as a coach for more than 3+ years and using a Concept 2 rower regularly for over 7 years, I see this ALL THE TIME.  

Raise your hand coaches/owners if you have repeated yourself more than three times per class!!  Haha, I bet most of you do (I know I do).  No matter how many times you communicate to your members how to properly execute a lift or take care of the equipment, they are still going to slip up.  It's just a fact.


So we have the Fan Cage and the Handle Hook.  The Fan Cage is the rectangular opening located directly underneath the monitor.  The Handle Hook is the "hook" that is located between the Fan Cage and Foot Plate.  


When you are not using the rower make sure to let the handle rest against the Fan Cage.  Why?  Per Concept 2's Model Manual, this prolongs the life of the shock cord, thus increasing the longevity of your rower.


When you are using the rower, make sure to pull the handle back to the Handle Hook so that you are able to reach the handle more easily.


Do NOT let go of the handle!  Letting it slam into the Fan Cage can cause damage to the handle and other components.

Do NOT twist the chain or pull from side to side!

Wrappin' it up

Although these mind sound silly, you would be surprised on how people treat equipment.  By communicating to your members and educating them proper use practices, you can make your rowers last a very long time.  A few minutes demoing exactly how to use, store and maintain can go a long way in the world of gym equipment replacement costs!


Time to take care of that Rower Chain!

Check out Episode #81 on how to properly care for your rower chain.