EP.86 | NOT 3:1 Oil

One of the most commonly asked questions that we get from the community is: How is your oil different from 3:1 oil? 

As a former user of 3:1 oil for my Rogue Fitness Ohio Bar, there were THREE ways we sought out to differentiate ourselves from the everyday hardware oil that you can buy at Home Depot or Lowes.  These three components were determined through extensive experimenting and testing with 3:1 oil on our own personal barbells.  In addition to this, we contacted several coaches and gym owners in the area to see what their pain points were, as well as asked what they did (if anything) for barbell maintenance.

As we began the laborious product development process, we knew right off the bat that we needed an oil with anti-rust and corrosion properties.  The next step was to identify the specific properties and features to include beyond anti-rust & corrosion. 

So what are these three differences you ask? 

Through our research and testing, we developed an oil that is safe, odorless and leaves next to no residue on your barbell.  What’s this mean for you?  Let’s take a deeper dive below.


#1 Food-Grade & Biodegradable = SAFE

What does it mean exactly to be food-grade?  How about biodegradable?  

Starting with food-grade, this refers to tools, equipment, and supplies that are adequate for use in food production, storage or preparation.  This means that there are no harmful effects from coming into contact with our oil.  Regrettably we can’t say the same for many of the hardware oils out there.  This is because many of these hardware oils contain carcinogens and other harmful additives.

Our formula is also biodegradable.  Biodegradability refers to a material that can be broken down into natural materials without harming the environment.

These features are of extreme importance to us.  With a formula that is both food-grade and biodegradabie, we are able to maintain our safety while not harming the environment! 


#2 Odorless = NO unpleasant odors

Although some may not view this as a big deal, we pursued a formula that is odorless.  Again, many of the hardware oils out there aren’t the most enjoyable to smell.  Most of you can attest to this.


#3 Little to No Residue

One of the best features of our formula is that you can use your bar immediately after application!  The oil I was using prior to developing our current formula left an oily residue that affected the grip severely.  The result was a slippery bar and a less than optimal lifting experience.

This was highlighted even further when I gave our first demonstration at CrossFit Grandview just outside Columbus, OH.  As a gym that sees very heavy traffic (over 500 members), properly maintaining a vast barbell fleet is of vital importance.  After I concluded my demonstration, one of the coaches came up to the bar on display and instantly grabbed the bar with his right hand.  The expression on his face was priceless because he was expecting a slippery, oily barbell. 


Bringing it together…

If you couldn’t have guessed by now, we LOVE BARBELLS.  We saw an opportunity to not only fill a need in the fitness industry, but to educate the community on how we can increase the longevity of these expensive pieces of equipment to drive replacement costs down.