EP.90 | SALT: A Bar Finish Killer

This week's #bartiptuesday features a bar finish KILLER... SALT!  Salt in the air and salt from your sweat can wreck havoc on your bar's finish, leaving you with an orange, rusty bar.  Have you ever seen the shaft of the bar between the knurling where it's completely rusted through?


#1: Your sweat is keeping moisture on the bar.  Unfortunately, the majority of gym members fail to wipe down their bars after use.  The result is a sweaty, wet bar.

#2: Do you live near saltwater?  Saltwater is an enormous factor when it comes to bars rusting out quickly.  We saw this first-hand on our first trip to one of the most humid places in the US, Miami Beach.  I couldn't believe the rate at which equipment would rust.


Salt accelerates oxidation because it increases the conductivity of water, ultimately increasing the rate of oxidation/corrosion.  This is why gyms near salt water are more susceptible to rust.


KEEP YOUR BARS AS DRY AS POSSIBLE.  Whether you are in Las Vegas or Miami, FL.  If you are in a more humid environment, it is imperative that you wipe your bars down and keep them off the floor.


By regularly utilizing a lubricant such as our Bar Shield formula, you give your bar(s) an ADDED BARRIER.  Our food-grade & biodegradable formula is SAFE TO USE REGULARLY and can help preserve your bar's beautiful finish far into the future.  Grab a bottle below!