EP.93 | Inspect Your Bumper Plates Regularly!!

Do you inspect your bumper plates/discs on a regular basis?

Most of us probably don't pay much attention right? That is, until something breaks! Well, if you want your plates and other expensive equipment to last well into the future, it is imperative to practice proper gym etiquette!!

Generally, you see the most wear and deterioration on training plates... not as much with competition discs and plates.  Olympic training and competition plates usually aren't used in normal classes, therefore they aren't exposed to as many drops.  Again, this is in the majority of cases.

So what to look for when examining bumper plates?


When bumper plates are dropped over and over again from overhead, it is inevitable that they will begin to crack.  That's just the name of the game.  When rubber plates begin to crack, it typically takes place in the center around the steel insert.

Eventually the compounded effect of dropping will lead to the insert wiggling around or even popping out completely.  Whether you are a gym owner or a member, chances are that you have seen this happen.


In regards to plates folding, this is due to repeated drops from the waist up.  The severity of folding is also directly linked to the specific plate and design (Hi-Temp's tend to fold much more easily for example).


Manufacturer + Warranty

You MUST familiarize yourself with your plate manufacturer's warranty!!  If you are in the market for some plates, DO NOT overlook the warranty.

Just to give you a quick idea... Rogue's HG 10 and 15 pound plates (as shown above) are warrantied for 90 days, compared to one year with Fringe Sport on their 10 and 15 pound bumper plates.

How to Minimize

Now that you know what to look for, how can you minimize the damage?  

Introduce a strict rule with you and your gym: NO DROPPING ABOVE THE WAIST.

Although it won't completely eliminate the drops from overhead, it will bring that number down significantly. 

What does this mean?  Fewer cracked and damaged plates AND more money kept in your pocket!  

Now for the bars!

Sleeves getting sticky?  Maybe turning orange due rusting?  No need to worry, we got you.


If your bar isn't spinning well:

If your bar is falling victim to rust: