Blaine joins us this week on Episode 94 to talk about being disciplined with your bar as well as gym maintenance.  Blaine actively manages Mad Apple 3C in Columbia, Indiana.  Mad Apple 3C opened three months ago and purchased all-new Rogue Fitness equipment.  This is the perfect time to get ahead with your equipment's maintenance.  Better to build the habit right out of the starting gate versus waiting till it's too late! 

Below is the protocol that he will utilize to maintain proper function and keep rust off and the bars spinning properly!

*Blaine's gym is climate-controlled*

*On a Quarterly Basis or As Needed*

The Sleeves

Drop a few drops of our Bar Shield oil to keep the sleeves rotating freely.  Keeps your bars like-new, and puts your athletes in the best position for a PR!

Most gyms have a 9-bar holder for storage, so this makes things quite easy.  Otherwise, you can always use a 45 lb. bumper plate to assemble your bars vertically.  

From here, squeeze a few drops of our Bar Shield formula down into the sleeve while turning the shaft of the bar.  Wait at least 10 minutes.  Then, flip bars and repeat on the other side.  All set!

You can easily do many barbells at once here.  Hit one side, go back to what you are doing, then come back 10-20 minutes later and flip them to service the other side.  Easy peasy.

The Knurling

At the minimum, ALWAYS spot-check your fleet of bars.  Meaning, if you see a bar that is caked in chalk, use our stiff nylon brush and go through our steps to remove.

If a bar really needs some work, grab it and get to work, it will thank you.

*It is imperative that you remove the chalk and grime AND to keep the bar as dry as possible to prevent rust from occurring*


If you want to keep the rust off and have bars that function properly, don't neglect them!  Treat them as you would a baby or perhaps a puppy.  Well-maintained bars = saved $$ and happier members/users!