EP.95 | What Brush is SAFE to Use on Barbells?

One of the most common questions we receive:
What type of brush should I use on my bars?  

Although we have covered a similar topic in a past episode, this subject is well-worth mentioning!  What type of brush do you use on your fleet?  Are your bars scratched up?  Let's dive in.

A Great Rule of Thumb:

Start less aggressive and work up only AS NEEDED.

As noted in the above video, I have a Rogue Ohio barbell with a black oxide finish.  I have had this bar for a few years now, use it a few times per month, and store it in the original tube.  Black oxide sports a natural feel that is similar to bare steel and doesn't offer great protection against rust and corrosion.  This makes it of great importance to remove the chalk and other particles from the knurling with my stiff nylon brush.

Why risk scratching up your bar's beautiful finish with a brass or stainless steel brush when you get the same result with stiff nylon? 

On our quest to make our barbell maintenance kit, we extensively tested out stiff nylon, brass and stainless steel.  In the VAST MAJORITY of cases, the stiff nylon was more than sufficient to remove chalk, skin and other nastiness from the bar.

Simple as that.  Grab yourself a kit and get to work!!