EP.96 | Best Plates to Use on Jerk Blocks!

Let's start with what NOT to use on wooden jerk blocks. Steel plates. Ever been in a gym with people doing deadlifts off wooden blocks? Rep after rep smashing down into the wood?  No bueno!

Unfortunately at my gym I've witnessed this more than once. The result is frayed, chipped or cracked wooden blocks. Although it may seem common sense to most people, it's worth mentioning to always use some variation of rubber plate/disc to prevent damage to the wood!

Expensive to Replace!

Just to give you an idea, the 48 and 60" jerk blocks at Rogue Fitness are both over a thousands bucks.  Not great right?

So be nice to your wooden jerk blocks.  Use some sort of rubber training plate.  Could be competition, training or bumper plates.  Those won't cause the destruction that steel plates can on wood.  Not hard but it definitely happens out there!

Another note...

Much of the time jerk block sets come with a reinforcement block that is designed to be on top of the stack.  Why?  The heavy drops from overhead from jerks, snatches, etc. add up and this block adds some support.  

This is something we've collectively seen at least three or four times!!  Cracked sections.  So easy to avoid, just use the block!

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