EP.97 | 5 Uses: Bar Shield Maintenance Kit

After seeing barbell after barbell being mistreated (empty drops, chalk, rust, locked up sleeves, etc.), we decided to put together a kit that would empower barbell owners to take maintenance into their own hands.  The days of neglecting barbell and other equipment are over!

Sure there are certainly gyms out there that take cleanliness and maintenance much more seriously than others, however there are a high amount of gyms that are paying heaps of money to replace equipment!  

One of our fundamental goals is to educate the community on why taking care of your bars and equipment is a good idea.  Although it may seem common sense, we're all human and things slip through the cracks.  Some maintenance is better than no maintenance.  Start small and work up as you work it into your regular routine.

Outside of barbells... 

After going through our testing of our formula, we discovered other uses outside of just barbells.  Here are FIVE WAYS that you can get more benefit out of your Bar Shield kit.  Let's get into it!


As previously stated above, we built our maintenance kit and formula specifically to increase the longevity of barbells.  To prevent rust + restore spin to the sleeves.

>> SEE BELOW to see our quick 4-step process to help prevent rust!


>> CLICK HERE to see how easy it is to restore optimal spin to your sleeves!


Pull-up bars can be bare steel or powder-coated.  Each offer their own benefits.  Bare steel is going to offer a more superior grip, however tends to be rougher on the 'ol hands and is more susceptible to rust.  Think the complete opposite in regards to a powder-coated pull-up bar.  

That being said, bare steel is going to require much more maintenance to keep the rust away.  All you have to do is give your pull-up bar(s) a quick scrub with our brush, apply a thin line of our Bar Shield formula, work it in with the brush and finally wipe away any residue.  That's it!  

An easy and manageable way to work this into the routine is to spot-check your bars.  If one is super chalky, grab your kit and knock it out! 

#3 GHD'S

Ever struggled to adjust the foot plate? 

A few months ago I was adjusting an older model of Rogue's GHD (this design is super common between many manufacturers) and wasn't having much luck.  After a few minutes of frustration it clicked...

I grabbed our kit, applied a thin line on the contact points on the GHD track, and worked it in with our brush.  BOOM!  That was just the ticket to get this baby sliding with ease.


Do you have a bicycle?  Ever had it serviced before in a shop?  

Personally, I used to work in a bike shop and helped our mechanics with maintenance every once in awhile.  Well, when dust and other grime gets onto the chain, it's not nearly as smooth.  

Grab yourself a lint-free towel with some Bar Shield squirted on, pull the rower handle out as far as you can, and gently wrap the rag around the chain.  From here, allow the chain to slide through.  This will remove any dust or grime and make it nice and smooth!


Have any kettlebells that are chipped?  Although many may not care as much about their kettlebells, they definitely start showing signs of rust as people abuse them.  Drops and other misuse start to add up.

If you see a kettlebell that needs some work, use the same exact steps as our barbells.  Loosen up any chalk with the brush, apply a thin coating of our formula, work in with the brush, and wipe down.  All done!


Our oil that comes in our kit is specifically formulated with anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties.  The differentiating factors that set it apart from other basic hardware oils are the following: food-grade & biodegradable, odorless and it leaves no slippery residue behind!  

Each bottle is 8 oz and will last you at least 50-60 barbell services or more (dependent on the equipment's current condition).

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