EP.98 | How to Make Your Bar Spin Revisited

We know you have some bars out there in your gym that don't spin very well!  Come on, admit it.  Well, do you do any maintenance to help ensure a smooth, reliable spin?  Maybe you do, maybe you don't.  

We have a simple four-step process that we use to help restore and optimize bar sleeve spin.  Watch along in the video below and read on to see why you need your bar to spin!

The Process

#1 Assemble your barbell vertically in a bumper plate or in a nine-bar holder.

#2 Drop a few drops of our Bar Shield Lubricant down into the sleeve as you rotate the shaft with your free hand

#3 Wait at least 10-15 minutes

#4 Flip and repeat on the other side

As long as everything is structurally sound internally, your spin will be restored!



If you are going to be hitting the Olympic Lifts (Snatch and Clean & Jerk) in your training on a regular basis, it is imperative that you use a barbell that spins well.

A bar that has a smooth and reliable spin gives you the best possible lifting experience.  As you turn over on a snatch or shoot your elbows through on a clean, you need the bar to rotate smoothly.  Otherwise you are left over-pulling and overcompensating, which can unfortunately mess up your lifting mechanics.

Not to mention the decrease in the risk for injuring yourself!  If the bar doesn't rotate freely, you are more likely to catch a clean low on your chest, thus exposing your wrists to a potential injury.  

When you see that smooth spin

Taking the Sleeves Off

Do you have to take the sleeves off?  No.  Unless you feel 100% confident in your ability to take the sleeve off and put it back on correctly, we don't recommend it.  The method outlined above is an easy and time effective way to restore the spin of many bars at one time.

You also risk voiding the warranty on your bar by removing the sleeves.  Consult with your barbell manufacturer if you are dead set on taking them off**

Our Lubricant

This is the key ingredient to bringing your barbell its best spin!  Just a little goes a long way.  A few drops to lubricant the bushings/bearings to get it back into working order.  

Grab yourself a bottle below and get to work on your fleet!

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