EP.99 | Why to Keep the Chalk Out of the Sleeves!!

Are your barbells stored vertically or horizontally?  Nine-bar holder or gun rack?  Do you leave them on the ground or in the rack?  Is there a "right" way to store your bars?  We're going to shed some light on one of the drawbacks of storing bars in a nine-bar holder.  


You show up for your daily class workout at your local box.  The whiteboard looming on the wall reveals the famous, barbell-intensive workout named "DT."  Deadlifts, hang cleans and push jerks are in your near future, and potentially a fair amount of chalk to secure your grip on your chosen barbell.  


You crush the workout, smash your personal time, strip your bar and walk it over to place it gently back into its holder.  You being the awesome gym member decide that you will do the right thing.  You grab the Bar Shield nylon brush sitting close-by and get started taking the chalk out of the knurling.  Success.  

If you are conscious about taking care of your gym's bars, congrats you are already one step ahead!  Removing chalk from the knurling will help minimize and slow down the rusting process! 

Could we have gone a step further here?  Absolutely.  After brushing out the chalk, we can apply some Bar Shield lubricant to help further condition the bar against the dangers of rusting.  What else?


As you brush out the chalk those particles are going somewhere right?  Take a look at the base of your nine-bar holder.  The point here is that some of these loose particles are inevitably going to get INSIDE THE SLEEVE as you brush knurling and free up the chalk.  What's this do?

Compounded over time, this will result in a barbell that starts to stick or stop spinning all together.  Unfortunate reality.


Simple.  Brush out the chalk on your bar while it's sitting horizontally!  It's really that easy.  Doing so will keep your sleeves spinning smoothly and reliably, in turn requiring less maintenance.  Less chalk + less dust = better lifting experience, plain and simple.  Not to mention you decrease the risk of injuring yourself from an ill-spinning bar!


Anti-rust & corrosion = Saves you $$$
Food-grade & biodegradable = SAFE
Odorless = NO STENCH

The safe & effective lubricant that will bring your bars to life!  Filled to the brim with 8 ounces of liquid gold to preserve your bar's beauty and spin.